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STICKY: What Windows 10 for IoT is, and is not!

Wed Jul 08, 2015 8:48 pm

Let me come right to the point, and tell you what Windows 10 for IoT is NOT!
It is NOT the Windows that many people run on their desktop PC, it not even a variant for Tablets.
It will NOT run any of your regular Windows applications, it won't even run applications written for any (perhaps ARM based) Windows for Tablets!

Its a special operating system for embedded systems, designed for the new "Internet Of Things" concept
( ).

someone wrote a nice writeup; you can read it here: ... erry-pi-2/

To see what projects are possible with Windows 10 IoT Core , visit !

If you want to run the kind of desktop applications you may know from Windows, like Word-processing Spreadsheet, Browsers or games, then use Raspbian, which has many applications like that.

Additionally Microsoft has never updated their software beyond this first release, so newer RPI's (3B+, & 4) will NOT work with WIN10IOT.

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