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Wed Sep 10, 2014 3:32 pm

PiBox Media Server / PiBox Media Player v0.9.0 Release Notes

Additional Information

* Web Site and download links: http://www.graphics-muse.org/wiki/pmwik ... aspberryPi
* Issue Tracker: http://redmine.graphics-muse.org/projects/pibox/issues
* Full Release Announcement with complete changelogs: http://redmine.graphics-muse.org/news/15
* Screenshots (videos in development): http://www.graphics-muse.org/wiki/pmwik ... yPi/SSV0-9

General Status
This is the first fully functional media-based release, with both the Media Server and Media Player functionality implemented and working. The Media Server auto mounts media sticks and exports them to the Media Player. Both server and player have an integrated custom front end to the omxplayer allowing for media file selection using a database generated via TheMovieDB.org using the new VideoLib application. The default configuration is designed to work optimally with the Favi keyboard including arrow keys and audio. Audio is automatically pushed out the Raspberry Pi's audio port to avoid possible loss of audio on HDMI connections.

Previous functionality has been regression tested and continues to work correctly. The webcam interface can be played at the same time that video is played on the server and the player.

Extensive investigation has been done to identify the most stable hardware for both the server and player. This includes definition of a specific USB network dongle and integration considerations with displays ranging from HDMI monitors and TVs to LCD touchscreens and projectors.

Where this is headed
It's become obvious that there are some easy to add extended functionality that can be added to the media components, such as remote control via Android, a more Netflix or Android styled icon desktop (managed through the application manager instead of matchbox's panel) and digital TV support. This will be the focus for the 0.10.0 release.

The long term plans include integration with BLE devices to provide a wider-scale Internet of Things infrastructure, taking PiBox from the trailer into the home. Additional work is planned for WiFi Direct improving boot times and overall performance.

0.9 Development Summary:
* Major platform stabilization and road-tested release.
* Integrated a front end (videofe) to omxplayer to browse and selected videos.
* Created a desktop application (videolib) for creating a database on media sticks for use with PiBox.
* Stabilized the network configuration when the Media Server is configured as a access point.
* Updated the UI to a much more user friendly environment, integrating FAVI keyboard support and use-case from across a room.
* Migrated to current repository for omxplayer.
* Fixed SMB mounting issues, making video sharing on private network more transparent.
* Implemented an application manager to launch applications and manage performance.
* Fixed bug in Pibox web server to allow proper use from mobile devices.
* UI/firmware cleanup that allows clean use on multiple HDMI monitors as well as with AAXA LED projectors.

0.10 Plans
* Migrate to Netflix/Android style desktop from the use of a panel in the UI
* Investigate integration of Android control of appmgr
* Integrate use of WinTV HVR 950Q for digital TV
* Investigate creation of custom 3D printed case for both server and player
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