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Re: Compiling XBMC (Debian)? Someone's already done the job for you.

Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:32 pm


I merely apt-getted the package, and it seems to work hunky-dory. Now, 30 seconds after posting, it dawned on me: I doubt this package does have omxplayer (and various other patches needed).

Hmm. If I could find out how to delete this post (or edit subject) it would be great. I apologize for tricking you into clicking this.

Instead, look at:


Anyhow, leaving OLD and OBSOLETE POST (this will not help you on RasPi) intact: — "armhf packages are available for unstable." Just add the source and apt-get install xbmc, e.g.

deb squeeze main

Hope it helps someone as I set down the path to fix and compile (the rbp port of) XBMC until I ran into a non-trivial issue and started looking more.

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