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My RasPi has arrived in Canada! Total $63.99.

Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:02 am

After much waiting, my RasPi was delivered yesterday! I already had an SD card with OS loaded on which I prepared (using the latest Debian Wheezy Public Beta) and it booted perfectly, first time around:

http://downloads.raspberrypi.org/images ... y-beta.zip

I used a wireless logitech keyboard/mouse, Benq HDMI monitor, my Blackberry Playbook USB charger (5V 1.8amp) and plugged it straight into my Ethernet connection. It found the internet no problem, I was able to surf the web, download and update some packages, play with omxplayer and try to install Quake3 (still working on that one... says it's missing some files and also I'm not sure how to use the game-maker or whatever).

Total cost breakdown for Canadians (just in case you are wondering):

$35 US for RasPi
$8.02 US for shipping as per RS electronics
$43.02 US (converted to Canadian at the time = $45.39 CAN$)

Taxes & Duties = $7.30
DHL brokerage fees = $11.30
$18.60 CAN additional costs

GRAND TOTAL: $45.39 + $18.60 = $63.99 CANADIAN

The taxes & duty and DHL "brokerage" fees suck, but I still love my RasPi even with the extra cost (unavoidable). Besides, this is NOTHING compared to what I heard some other people are paying in other countries (like Brazil), which is double, triple or quadruple the regular cost.

In the local Electronics stores the Arduino, even though advertised at $29, by the time it is taxed and shipped it usually comes out to about $45-50 anyways. I would much rather have a RasPi for only a few bucks more.

I've been writing about it in my blog:


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Re: My RasPi has arrived in Canada! Total $63.99.

Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:22 am

You might be interested in this thread.

Canada appears to be one place DHL charges rather high handling fees - Croatia's another. Perhaps if enough Canadians, Croations etc badger RS they'll do something about it...

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Re: My RasPi has arrived in Canada! Total $63.99.

Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:25 am

Quite expensive.

Mine arrived today - Wellington, New Zealand. You'd think at the very end of the world it would be a lot to get here but Element14 shipped it to my door for $48.26 NZ, which works out to about $39.19 Canadian.
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