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HOW-TO repair rc.local file after messing up

Mon Jun 01, 2015 5:44 pm

Hi Guys
Several days ago I messed up with rc.local file, just forgot put "&" mark on the end of line.
After few days playing finally I've been able to fix this file, below I write down how I've done this.
This tutorial is for people who haven't a Linux machine.
1) Download LiveCD with some Linux distribution, I've used SystemRescueCd from, this one is good because already have GParted
2) Burn Cd or DVD depend of distribution, end reboot PC from Cd/DVD, don't forget attach SD card from RPi
3) When SRC is startup open GParted and check partition name, in my case is /dev/mmcblk0p6 with label "root"
4) Open Terminal
5) Create a mounting point :

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mkdir /media/mmcblk0p6
6) Just for double check if we mount correct partition in File Manager in folder /media/mmcblk0p6/etc should be our file
7) For making changes in rc.local just type in

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nano /media/mmcblk0p6/etc/rc.local
8) I suggest remove last changes in rc.local file which does messed up our RPi
9) Exit from nano with "ctrl+x" and save with "Y" and "enter"
10) Reboot PC, remove CD/DVD and SD card
11) Now place SD card in RPi and check if it working
I have hope this tutorial will help somebody :)

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