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Audio output from Pi Zero with SenseHat

Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:21 pm

Is this possible? I can't find anything saying it can't be done (or that there problems but you have to do XYZ etc).

I have made a little radio alarm
20170113_110304.jpg (43.72 KiB) Viewed 722 times
that has a pi zero, sensehat, wifi dongle and mini hdmi to vga with audio. I started off getting the audio working on a full sized PiA using 3.5mm jack and it seemed to be OK, however when I added the software for the sensehat the sound degenerated to noise with clicks. I vaguely remembered something about the serial communication with hats interfering with audio so I thought I would fix it by using one of my pi zeros with audio from the hdmi.

However the sound is still noise and clicks. I've tried taking off the sensehat board and using raspi-config to switch off SPI, I2C and 1-WIRE but it's still the same. Unfortunately I only have monitor/TV screens with DVI input so can't test HDMI audio without the VGA thing.

Does anyone have any experience of getting sound from a Pi0 with sense hat?

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