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Analog output "AV plug" freezing mouse when using webcam

Sat Jan 23, 2021 5:13 pm

Hi all,

When using Raspios 11/01/2021, I experience an issue with analog audio output ("AV plug") that does not happen with HDMI output. It takes place when using a USB Webcam (Logitech C525) in Google Meet running in Chromium. As sson as the webcam activates, the cursor gets frozen and does not move during seconds, only moving during brief moments.

Reverting back to Raspios 24/08/2020, which uses ALSA instead of PulseAudio, this issue does not take place.

Though I have not tried to recreate with vesion 04/12/2020, I suspect this issue is related to PulseAudio. Still, just to mention that I experienced a similar issue around one year ago (with ALSA) , but could not identify the source of the problem back then.

I just mention it here in case someone has suffered this issue. For now, I keep using Raspios 24/08/2020 (not upgrading).

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