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Squeak Issue

Fri Jun 27, 2014 11:00 pm

I opened Squeak and it says to pick an image. Theres a problem though, I dont see any images to choose from. Can someone help me? Thank you

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Re: Squeak Issue

Mon Jun 30, 2014 5:02 pm

[Edited to explain a much simpler way to do things that actually makes use of the built-in parts instead of bypassing them]

Unfortunately there are no Squeak image files (other than the one used to implement the Scratch application) in the default Pi distribution. You can download one from - just hit the fairly obvious button at the bottom of the Download column on that page. What you will get is a moderately complex zip file that is actually setup to decompress into a system runnable on pretty much any x86 machine (sigh, I know...) BUT don't despair. It's simple to extract the three things you need for the Pi. (later; humph, well it should be simple but this unix, so things are made deliberately more complicated than necessary)

You just need these three important files -

So -
Open a terminal (I was going to explain using Xarchiver but it's so slow and stupid that typing a bit is way faster).

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cd /home/pi/squeak
Then to actually extract the files -

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unzip -j PathToWhereYouPutZipFile/* 
You already have the VM executable so to run Squeak the simplest thing to explain is to cd to the squeak directory -we're already there if you're following along

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cd ~/squeak
and then

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will start with the one image you now have.

I suggest making few changes straight away
  • a) drag the window to as big as will fit your screen comfortably.
    b) unload something called 'Shout', which spends too much time on slower machines making prettified text
    • 1) click on the 'Tools' menubar item
      2)near the middle of the menu, click on the 'Monticello Browser' item
      3)in the left-hand list of the window that opens drag the scroller to find 'ShoutCore' (or simply start typing 'sho' and it will filter the list for you; neat, eh?)
      4)click the *right* mouse button and the menu should pop up with 'unload package' a bit over half-way down, click on that item to unload Shout.
      5) wait a moment while the uninstaller does its thing
      6) close the Monticello browser by clicking on the red-circle-X
    c) Save your modified image as a new file; leave the original untouched and in fact, maybe make it read-only. That way you won't need to repeat the painful unzipping dance.
    • 1)click on the mouse logo on top-right.
      2)click on the 'Save Image As...' item
      3)type something meaningful to you as a name - say 'chrisphil-Squeak4.5' and click on 'Accept'.
Then to use your saved image later just

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squeak chrisphilSqueak4.5.image
It should be possible to make desktop badges to start it up, and to put the files in 'official' places but who really cares.
Now all you need to do is learn about Squeak & Smalltalk. You can start at to find a longish list of online books and then browse around the wiki etc. Join the mailing list and ask questions; you might find that someone near you can help more directly.
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