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help configuring RPi3 HTPC, please

Sun May 08, 2016 7:08 pm

Hi all, my first time here on the forum.

Been reasearching for a cheap, low energy and quiet HTPC solution for some time and it seems like the RPi3 is perfect for what I've been looking for. Been reading some post here on the forum and seen som youtube videos but not all my answers have been answered hence this post.

What will I be using my HTPC for?
- stream video from Youtube and other homepages
- install torrent client to download stuff directly to the RPi3

Would connect it directly to my TV via a HDMI cable managing it with a wireless keyboard (the Logitech K400 seems to be the choice of many??). And using the onboard WiFi to cennect to my router.

1) What OS would be ideal for what I'm looking for? I haven't been playing with Linux for more than 15 years but would like to try it for this project. So user friendliness is a must. Since I'll be using it to browse I figure this would be a better solution than to load something like KODI on it directly? Also security is a must, need to be able to install at least some antivirus SW and TOR browser would be nice too. Need a good mediaplayer that can play what ever codec the files I download have. And a torrent client. I've been looking a bit at Ubuntu Mate 16.04, would that meet my needs?
2) Whould it be a reliable solution to just a a USB memory stick permanently attached to the RPi3 for extra storage to store what I've downloadet from a torrent client? Or would it be better just to get a larger micro SD card? 128 GB is the largest I can find here in my country which would be plenty for my usage.
3) Does the RPi3 run as hot as I've seen some users report that the RPi2 is running? Is active cooling necessary or can it be avoided. I wouldn't have it running 24/7.
4) Which case would be best heat wise?
5) Any suggestions on which micro SD brand is most reliable and is detected problem free by the RPi3?

Hope to get some input from you guys and looking forward to get started with my project.

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