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NordVPN clashing with Wireguard Server

Wed Jun 23, 2021 10:03 pm

Hi Everyone,

I had Wireguard working fine until I installed NordVPN on my Raspberry Pi 4b today, when I try to connect I have next to no data transferring (regardless if NordVPN is connect or disconnected).

Ive read that NordVPN messes around with UFW, I tried enabling UFW again and that made no difference.
I noticed in the NordVPN settings that there was a firewall which was enabled, I disabled that hoping it would clear the issue but that made no difference either. I also disabled killswitch, I read somewhere else that might help...nope.

I checked the wireguard modprobe, that came back with no message, which I believe means its loaded fine.

Any thoughts before I try to connect using OpenVPN with NordVPN ovpn files?

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