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RFM69HCW advice sought

Wed Jul 14, 2021 8:18 pm


We are trying to set up two RPi 4 with RFM69HCWs. We particularly want to use Python for this and have found both the repo and where the latter appears to be a fork of the former. We have followed the pin wiring from both sites and have run the example code from them, and have even dug further to use the parameterised intPin and rstPin. The code runs but we never get messages passing between the two. I have modified the code to ensure that the nodes are set correctly on the same network.

We know the RFM69s work as we have tried them on Arduinos. Can anyone suggest anything else for us to try?

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Re: RFM69HCW advice sought

Fri Sep 17, 2021 3:58 am


Which example code did you use? Could you post it here please? I assume you are using python3 as specified in the documentation. I don't know yet what else you could try other than fixing the code.


EDIT: Also triple check connections and make sure you have all the prerequisites for SPI an GPIO. Enable SPI in raspi-config for example.
I'm not sure but maybe you need to give permissions to the user for using those interfaces.
And also what distribution you use might be usefull information.
Assuming you are on the latest distribution and updated you are indeed using python3, all you have to do is make sure SPI is enabled.
From raspberryOS documentation:
SPI0 is disabled by default. To enable it, use raspi-config, or ensure the line dtparam=spi=on is not commented out in /boot/config.txt.
You could also do a loopback test with the spidev API to check SPI interface if it's working. Check the documentation of raspberryOS about hardware.

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