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design plan for humanoid robot servo

Thu Oct 14, 2021 2:59 am

I'd like to start new project and I choose humanoid robot servo powered since it may the most appropriate to continue my python script that I made from the previous project. I am not good at CAD design or any mechanical design however based on my last experience, design plan is more important before start buy the parts cause I can determinate how much budget I needed.

the characteristics of the robot that I want to make:
1.some joints like neck, hips, shoulder and spine is 2-axis to mount pi camera
3.has enough space for my pi zero and battery (currently I have 500mAh 45C 2S Lipo Battery, dimension is 53*15*13mm)

I've searched around many articles and I feel like some of them is too tiny to fit my pi zero and battery, and some of them has very limited joint.
And I saw some people just use variety of bracket and assemble it. I think I need an advise too.

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