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need help for cnc desing

Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:21 pm

I have a rpi 3 w/b
and a 7 inch hdmi lcd wondershare (b)
and a rpi power pack v 1.2
and i want to combine them into one handheld device that I can use rpi with lcd AND without it

i was tinking about putting rpi ports (gpio, power, hdmi,...)on a case that has lcd .
using rpi like a plugin or a upgrade that can run with it self case(cnc) and as a plug in to the lcd case
but it was hard to even think about it(trying to desing was makeing a memory over flow error in my brain (on every time that i try) that took 2 hours to get back online!)

and did some one see a system that has a battry and with one mUSB port do the charging and powering(able to turn off while it is charging)? i want to use it into my system with power pack

i dont khow that i could send my point (bad writer="me" , mother language =!(eng)) but i have a handy idea note of that .
if i find a good camera or a scanner i will send them.

thanks for your help();

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