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cheap 3d printed case

Fri May 18, 2012 3:44 pm

I can probably get my case printed cheap if I order xx of them in one time.
It will probably then cost around 12 euro excl shipping (I will sent them by normal post from The Netherlands)

Would there be any interest in this... ?
Use the poll so I can see how many there are interested and which model you would prefer.
I ordered a sample, so I can see the quality. Expect it to arrive within 1 - 2 weeks.

Both models have the same bottom, open frame with small feet which can be used to connect to lego bricks. The pcb is held to the bottom part by small clips. There is small cutaway area along the GPIO connector, so you can use that for a flatcable.
Top and bottom part are clicked together, no screws.

Model 1 : closed top with a large Raspberry Pi logo and some small vents
Model 2 : top with an open Raspberry Pi logo and some small vents, you could glue some thin plastic sheet behind it if you want.

Some pictures (the real ones are in white, no colors possible):
Image Image Image Image Image Image

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Re: cheap 3d printed case

Wed May 30, 2012 5:18 pm

In order to get a reduced price I found a supplier which calculates its price by the cm3 you use.
Now in order to reduce the price I folded the 2 parts in each other, so it occupies less then 125 cm3
The supplier does not accept multiparts... so I connected them with each other. (see picture)
Image Image
This means that when I receive such a case, I need to cut out the support structure first ...

I received 3 samples today and I am not happy about it.
- I can see a divide line between the bottom and top part (which is not so if done by Shapeways)
- A little space between top and bottom part around the rca connector (tension?)
- led holes are not good enough
- lego feet, front ok, back has problems...
I have 3 open logo models made, and all 3 differ in very small ways...

So I decided to not continue with this..., Sorry too much risk and money to invest for something I cannot guarantee 100%

Some pictures:
Image Image
Left model is original shapeways, almost impossible to see where the 2 parts are connected.
Right picture you can see there is some space between the 2 parts

Original Shapeways version:
Image Image
Board clicks to the bottom, so you can also turn it upside down...

Image Image
Some Lego plates/blocks connected to the case.

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