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Project using rfid to know if someone is in a room

Thu Sep 16, 2021 4:18 am

I have always wanted to get a raspberry pi but I never knew what I would do with it. Now, I might have a project that I could work on where I can finally get my raspberry pi.

Project Goal: Attach a rfid reader to a raspberry pi and then attach that onto the outside of a door. There will be a hook on the outside of the door and when someone is going to enter the room they will put the rfid tag on the hook and the rfid reader should read the tag and that would mean someone is in the room.

I am kind of lost on how to accomplish this. Not looking for a step by step guide but some guidance in the general topics that I should look towards. I would like to have a simple webpage that will just say either "vacant" or "occupied" depending on if there is a rfid tag hung on the door. Thanks

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Re: Project using rfid to know if someone is in a room

Thu Sep 16, 2021 7:37 pm


I do have an example on how the create a database for door access.(lock,unlock and log).

This could be a hint for you on how to implement it. Your version will be simpler since you don't need a database.

The best way could be to install two rfid readers. One to enter and one to leave. From the serial number just create an attendance array. When the array is empty then there is nobody left!.

B.T.W. you should put a overwrite in case somebody left without signaling.


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