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Halloween Magic Mirror

Fri Sep 17, 2021 10:53 am

Hello all,
Another one of those "I'm sure it's not that difficult but cant find how".
If anyone has seen Shrek the taking mirror then I want to recreate one of those with my PI. The hardware etc all easy to do . The hard part and the thing I've spent hours at the library (google) researching is how to get an animated face to look like it is speaking. I'm not looking for anything great in terms of mouth movement , just opening and closing at near the right time would be good. Ideally I'd type in a few words and send them to the mirror . The text to speech would then speak the words and some sort of animation on screen look like it's saying it..

There are plenty of videos on you tube etc on other people having done this but I can't fathom it. Would anyone have any suggestions on where to start ?
As per normal thanks for reading...

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