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MCP2515 SPI-CAN on Compute Module 4

Sat Sep 25, 2021 8:24 am

I am Working on Compute Module 4 , interfacing a SPI-CAN (MCP2515) Board. But During the interfacing on SPI_0, I found the error Regarding wrong wiring. I resolved it by changing the spimaxfrequency to 500Khz, But For me Its not working reliably as it sometimes goes to its the same error state.

Next problem I found Is that, After sometime its spidev0.0 is not showing up, only spidev 0.1 is showing . what can i do to up the spidev 0.0 ?
What could be the reason for the above problems. ?
What all are the fixes that we can do in order to resolve it.?

Iam a beginner to this field, So Helps are Highly Appreciated.


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