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Rasberry PI + weight sensor + camera + GUI

Tue Sep 28, 2021 5:37 pm

I have already made successful project with Arduino (ESP32) + weight sensor + android App. Right now I'm looking for a way, to make it into "solid" production project and considering remaking it using Raspberry PI. I would like to ask you for help to decide if I'm on the right track – is it a good idea using Raspberry PI or should I look elsewhere for more optimal solution.
Right now my project consists of:
1. Esp32 + weight sensor: sends weight scale data through BLE to Android tablet; tares weight when is given a signal.
2. EspCAM: takes photo of weighted item and sends it to Firebase storage (additional weighted item video streaming to tablet would be perfect, but couldn't achieve).
3. Android App (made with MIT app inventor): shows real time weight; shows warning when weight exceeds limit; after completing task, sends weight and item data to server ; sends signal to tare weight scale to ESP32.
I would like to merge all these parts together. I still need decent GUI and touchscreen, but using tablet for a few tasks looks excessive. Plus, I couldn't connect camera to Android tablet the way I wanted and connecting weight scale and tablet with BLE is sometimes unstable. I saw, that you can connect camera, weight sensor and touchscreen directly to Raspberry PI, but I wonder if it will be hard to make decent GUI with separate layout for settings, ability to preview camera view before taking photo and real time display of weight.
Raspberry PI has quite a few operating systems and ways to make GUI's(Tkinter, SimpleGUi, FullPageOS...) and apps. I would appreciate
advice on what to choose for programing such app and if Raspberry PI is right choice for project like that. Thank you.

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