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Re: Camera Interface Specs

Sat Mar 15, 2014 9:41 pm


When I said “Foundation isn’t releasing the firmware to take CSI input “past” the camera tuning ISP and the information that you would need to do this yourself is Broadcom proprietary” I was definitely over simplifying.

What I really want to say is all firmware necessary to interface an HDMI to CSI converter chip with the Raspberry Pi that can only be written by someone who has access to proprietary Broadcom information. Obviously, someone must have written this for your HDMI input prototype to work. But Gordon says the Foundation will not release this firmware at this time or possibly ever because it would then need to be maintained by the Foundation. If this firmware were available, a third party could write the HDMI 2 CSI chip configuration firmware.

Early on in this thread, some discussed the possibility of creating hardware that would take an HDMI (or some other) input and mimic exactly the output of the Pi camera. As you pointed out, a lot of tuning went into the input ISP for the particular CCD in the Pi camera. So a lot of “reverse engineering tuning” would be necessary to exactly detune video exactly right so that the Pi ISP then tuned it exactly right again. That sounds a little psychotic to me. The HDMI 2 Pi board would need the equivalent of the input ISP, another video DSP chip or FPGA. Read early on in this thread. James goes into some detail of the amount of parameters and the “art and science” of tuning the ISP for a specific CCD.



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Re: Camera Interface Specs

Wed Oct 08, 2014 2:04 pm

I hope the project for HDMI-Input is not dead. I found something from the "Embedded World Nuremberg 2014" and it looked very good.
http://blog.pi3g.com/2014/03/embedded-w ... bc-market/

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Re: Camera Interface Specs

Tue Feb 03, 2015 2:38 am

Any movement on the HDMI-input board idea? We've been searching for a suitable solution for 9 months that would allow us to take an HDMI input source and overlay graphics on top (specifically a rendered webkit browser) and then back out to a tv via HDMI.

The best solution we found is legacy Google TV boxes. Given that GTV has been superseded by Android TV, one would expect that our software solution will still function correctly, however I'd rather not put all of our eggs in Google's basket, expecially since there is no ETA for the actual ATV hardware to be available.

So if there is any way to pull HDMI into a RPi and render on top, we'd sure love to hear it.

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Re: Camera Interface Specs

Thu Dec 01, 2016 11:37 am

Hi Hardware_man,

We are trying to use the same camera with latest Raspberry Pi board: Sony FCBEH3150

Did you succed in interfacing it?
Let me know if have found a way of doing it.

joshirupesh1989 @ gmail.com

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