Chris C
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IQaudio Codec Zero - 48KHz 16 bit WAVs

Wed Oct 13, 2021 2:05 pm

Hi. I am using an IQaudio Codec Zero HAT in my Pi 4 audio project. Analogue audio is coming into AUX IN, is processed by the Pi and output via AUX OUT. My project needs to use 48kHZ sample rate at a depth of 16 bits (i.e. "aplay/arecord -f dat" format). According to the specs this should be fine. Audio is coming in and going out of the HAT. However I am getting a distorted/cracked audio feed. I suspect the HAT is outputting at 44.1kHz because I have a pre-recorded WAV file (48KHz 16 bit) and when I use "aplay myfile.wav" from the terminal the audio sounds around one semi-tone lower than it should and includes some noise.

Any idea how to force the IQaudio HAT to use 48kHz in and out? aplay recognises the file encoding correctly as 48kHZ 16 bit little endian but the audio on AUX OUT clearly isn't.

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