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Case for IQaudio Pi-DAC+ (and no RPi board)

Thu Oct 14, 2021 1:22 pm


I have two Raspberry Pi 3Bs with IQaudio Pi-DAC+ hats (as well as using the SPI pins to control LEDs). Both are in a case which holds the Pi+hat, and can be cable tied to the back of a TV (as they are running LibreElec + RetroPi).

I am considering updating to 4s and would probably splash out on Argon ONE cases as these provide full size HD sockets, active cooling and the option to upgrade from SD card to SATA SSD.

But the Argon ONE doesn't hold a hat (and certainly not one with RCA outputs). So, the silly question I have if there is a case which holds just a hat (with a ribbon cable going in) and ideally can drill in two holes for the RCA outputs.

I am open to the idea of three printing/laser cutting though would prefer a reasonably off the shelf solution, i.e. some files I can sent to a manufacturer. I am not against learning new skills (i.e. 3D printing/creating my own print files), but in the moment I have quite a few things to juggle so wouldn't have time.

Thanks, Stephan

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Re: Case for IQaudio Pi-DAC+ (and no RPi board)

Thu Oct 14, 2021 9:06 pm

how about this? (the tall one)
calling card cases from dollar store.jpg
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