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PiConsole first impressions

Mon Oct 13, 2014 6:56 pm

I've just received an OpenElectrons Bluetooth Console from their Kickstarter campaign.
I couldn't see anything about it elsewhere in this forum so I started this thread.
First impressions:
1. It works well when connecting my Nexus 5 to a headless model A RPi which I intend using as a camera. Note to self: I must remember to pick the 3 dots so the menu appears from which you choose connect.
2. I've got a Logitech K400 keyboard connected to my Nexus 5 using a USB 2.0 On The Go Adapter as my input device but this seems a little intermittent at the moment. No doubt its a question of getting things going in the right order.
3. No need for wifi and as its using BLE I hope it won't be too power hungry when working as a camera. Is there any way of telling what battery life is like from the command line ?

Anyone tested the range yet ?

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