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FydeOS v13 update for Raspberry Pi 400/4B

Wed Sep 22, 2021 8:33 am

Among the most noteworthy of this milestone update are:

- Chromium browser upgrade to 92.0.4515.*;
- Chromium OS platform update to 13982.75.13.*. Syncing all new features upstream for the browser and OS platform.
- Added optimization of input tools in tablet mode
- Added new “Diagnostics” tool
- Further optimized the "Virtual Desktop" function
- Able to create "Local account"
- Android subsystem upgraded to 64-bit

At the same time, we also fixed some known issues that were troubling in the previous version, specifically:

- Fixed an issue that caused Bluetooth audio and input device connections not working properly
- Fixed an issue that prevented DRM streaming content from playing on some devices

Given the unique nature of the Raspberry Pi hardware, there are several points worth noting:

- If Open GApps was configured in a previous version, the entire Android subsystem will not work after OTA due to this upgrade of the architecture in the Android subsystem. This is a known issue and can be resolved by running the Open GApps installer and selecting the "Fix Android Subsystem" option to uninstall the old Open GApps components and reboot the system.

- In the current kms (hardware accelerated) graphics mode, the FydeOS logo is temporarily not displayed at boot time, and the system will go directly to the OOBE / login screen after a successful boot.

- In the current kms (hardware-accelerated) graphics mode, 4K monitors are not supported at this time.

- If your monitor can display the initial screen with the Raspberry Pi logo at the beginning of the boot process, but cannot display FydeOS properly, you can try to manually set FydeOS to use the fake kms (no forced hardware acceleration) graphics mode.

- After the first boot up and entering the desktop (if you are logged in with FydeOS / Google account), the system will start trying to synchronize the plugins, Chrome apps and install the required components under the login account. It's normal and please wait until the initialization is finish.

- When running an Android application, there will be a short period of untimely subsystem graphics at the beginning of the Android application window rendering, which is reflected in geometric patterns within the Android application window. This is due to the lack of graphics performance of the Raspberry Pi and is normal. Please wait a little while for the Android application to display properly.

- Please try not to run too many Android applications at the same time, otherwise there is a high risk of running out of memory and causing the Android subsystem to crash, as shown by the Android apps flashing at the same time. If this happens, just wait for a few moments and reopen the Android application.

- Due to the limitation of Raspberry Pi kernel, the system does not support deep hibernation. Therefore, we have added a power management function in the system to limit the default power saving mode of the system.

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Re: FydeOS v13 update for Raspberry Pi 400/4B

Mon Sep 27, 2021 7:38 pm

Any possibility of 3B+ ( working ) version ?
The new version ( 400/4B) is great on 4B ,
but gives me a blank screen on 3B+ ... the
earlier versions (3B+) has video, but some
sync is gone (horizontal stripes) ( after the
initial splash screen shows OK ......

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Re: FydeOS v13 update for Raspberry Pi 400/4B

Sun Oct 17, 2021 5:40 pm


I’m finding after around 3-5 minutes the OS freezes and then turns off. Have tried the microSD in both a 2GB and 8GB Pi4. Managed to log in, get to the FydeOS settings screen and check running most up to date version. 5v 3a power supply.

Any ideas?


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