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Safe disposal of etching acid (Ferric Chloride FeCl3)

Wed Dec 19, 2012 8:40 am

Ok, i work in an electrinics company and we dont do any of our own PCBs for customers anymore. We out source it. But we do have copper clad board, ascertate, developer, an etching tank and all the PCB prototyping kit but it only gets used for guvvo type jobs (guvvo: a job done using work resources that isn't work related, such as making a RTC PCB for a raspberry pi)

During the making of this PCB i realised that the etching acid is inadequate (gonna try luke-warm urine to etch my next PCB) I dug out the COSHH and data sheet on the acid (FeCl3) and found information about the contractor we have to dispose of this type of stuff. My main issue is getting the acid out of the tank without turning the entire world yellow.

How do you guys dispose of the acid? Neutralise first and then remove from tank? use a hand pump and remove the acid and dispose it as hazardous waste?

Please do not try disposing of this type of stuff in the sink, and make sure you dispose of the stuff in line with local laws.Be Careful FeCl3 is dangerous and should be used by skilled professionals (and me). Misuse can cause serious injury or even death
I assume I know what I`m talking about... I probably don`t

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Re: Safe disposal of etching acid (Ferric Chloride FeCl3)

Wed Dec 19, 2012 9:23 am

something like
Sodium Hydroxide - drain cleaner
and then carefully dilute with water [very carefully as it will get hot] ... then it should be safe to drop down the drain....

IIRC - which I may not
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