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How to start Squeak on Pi?

Wed Feb 18, 2015 10:41 pm

Midori downloaded 4.5 All-In-One to home/pi on my 8GB card. I extracted it also to home/pi then double clicked but nothing happened. This same download works well on both Win7 and Kbuntu but not Raspian yet? One Squeak help guy said I needed a PATH statement but didn't explain. So I wrote this for my desktop:

exec "$VM" "$IMAGE"

Unfortunately double clicking on this brings up a popup asking if I want to execute it or run it in a terminal or quit. When executed nothing happens. When I enter the same lines in a Terminal one at a time, it accepts the three assignments then on exec it closes the Terminal and does nothing. Advice please? Thanks.

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Re: How to start Squeak on Pi?

Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:24 am

Sadly the 'all in one' isn't actually 'all' - the Pi isn't covered. Yet.

However, all is not lost! You may or may not be aware that Scratch is a Squeak Smalltalk application which means of course that there is already a perfectly good Squeak VM provided.
You need four files to run Squeak
The VM
A '.image' file - you'll find Squeak4.5-3860.image I think
A '.changes' file - will have the same root name as the image
A '.sources' file - should be Squeak4.1.sources I think
You should be able to find each of the last three within the allinone zip- I'm not absolutely sure about the file organization but I think it's in Contents/resources. Maybe. Shouldn't be too hard to find them somewhere.
Copy those three to a suitable folder - I think 'Squeak' would be plausible - and open a terminal, cd to that folder and try 'squeak Squeak4.5-3860.image' suitably modified for the actual name you find.
There are things that may go wrong at times and since I'm not at my desk it's difficult to add much more now but I'll try to provide more help when I get home. Squeak runs quite well on a Pi, especially a pi2 - and we're working on the Cog dynamic translation VM right now, which should with luck triple typical performance.
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Re: How to start Squeak on Pi?

Thu Feb 19, 2015 2:35 am

Hooray it works!

1) copied the three files you named from contents/resources to squeak
2) opened a terminal and typed squeak image name but that failed
3) on a hunch / inspiration I typed in squeak and it worked!
4) I made a desktop file "squeak" with the content "squeak" and it works.

Thank you Tim.

PS: I was told on Squeak Beginners Forum the Raspberry Pi RISC OS has a Squeak that works.

After copying image, changes, and sources under the squeak folder in Raspian, I found it helpful to change my desktop squeak file to say:

[Desktop Entry]

That will keep me going for now.

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