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Re: Duracell 5 Hour Portable USB Charger/Battery pack

Fri Dec 23, 2011 11:39 am

I have lot of 18650 batteries, so I ordered this from ebay (btw. shipped the same day I ordered it). Maybe it will work :) There are different versions, for two 18650 cells (max. 1A output), for four cells with different max. outputs from 1 to 2,5A (2,5A version is probably the same as 2A version :) )
I think it is better solution than using AA and similar batteries (one 18650 battery has more energy than three AA batteries...), or \"fixed\" battery pack where it is impossible to change cells.
18650 are really cheap (about 6$ for \"2600mAh\" (actual capacity is about 2300) battery with sanyo cell). It is possible to get them almost for free from used notebook battery packs, usually if they are not too old they can have inside cells that have capacity about 1500-2000mAh (some can be bad, recently I opened one year old HP battery pack and all cells are good, but in notebook protection tripped after 15 minutes :) :) ).
They hold capacity very long - if they are made from quality cells, like panasonic, sanyo, samsung, lg... Some are even after 2 years in very good condition, interesting test is here
Sorry for my bad English, I hope it is understandable :)

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Re: Duracell 5 Hour Portable USB Charger/Battery pack

Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:52 pm

I have a similar charger to this one: (in fact, the case is the only different thing, guts and specs are the very same) which i got a while ago for $25 for my phone. It is not so bad, battery life is more like 3-4 hours. Only thing that i don't like is the single USB port which works for charging and powering up devices (solar panel always is providing energy though), and as it does not have straight 5v (it has 4.5 and 5.5v) so i'm afraid i'll underpower it or fry it. For the USB port, i'm guessing a Y-split cable would work wonders, and a slight switch replacement to make it bigger and skip the LED lights

Solar energy board: 5.5v/145 mAh
Dimension: 12.5cm x 7.5cm x 1.2cm
Output voltage: from 4.5v, 5.5v, 6.5v and 9V output
Output current: 400-800 mAh
Charging time: About 15-20 hours approx. (via sunlight) / 4-6 hours (via plug)

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