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Switching Conrad RSL366R switches through pilights?

Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:29 pm

I am using one of my Pi's to switch a whole lot of devices by means of a 433 MHz transmitter.
These devices include 'blokker', 'action', 'kaku', 'elro', 'X10' etc. devices.

Recently I got hold of a Conrad switch that (at the back) says it is an RSL366R device.
So far I have not been successful in trying to access/control the switch.

I used commands like:
pilight-send -p rsl366 -s 1 -u 1 -t
pilight-send -p rsl366 -s 1 -u 1 -f
pilight-send -p conrad_rsl_switch -i 1 -u 1 -t
pilight-send -p conrad_rsl_switch -i 1 -u 1 -f
and quite a few more protocols but nothing seems to work...

I have been browsing the internet and did not find a real solution yet (after browing and searching for quite a few hours already).

Anyone managed to switch this kind of device yet? If so, please tell me how you did that..


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