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Changing fps on HDMI Output

Wed Aug 09, 2017 4:57 am

How can I change the fps on the HDMI out on the Pi3 using Raspbian?

I need ether

1920x1080i 59.94fps
1280x720p 30fps


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Re: Changing fps on HDMI Output

Wed Aug 09, 2017 5:15 am

You could use sudo raspi-config and select Advanced Options -> Resolution, then choose the resolution you require (as long s your monitor supports it and the capability is detected).

Or you could manually put the setting in /boot/config.txt. The setting you need are hdmi_group=1 and hdmi_mode=5 for 1080i @ 60Hz (Close enough to 59.94 to be within range). 720p @ 30Hz isn't defined, but you could try creating a custom mode

Details of the config.txt settings are here: ... t/

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