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Strange wi-fi problem when swapping SD cards

Sat May 30, 2020 10:14 am

Hi everyone.
Hopefully, someone can help diagnose and fix this issue because it's driving me potty.

My normal behaviour is to install Raspbian/RPiOS to an SD card, set-up wi-fi, update the OS and then develop software/my project on the Pi 4 or Pi 3 and then swap the SD card to a Zero W (because they're cheaper and smaller).

However, with recent OS images written to the SD card, when I swap the card to the Zero W, wi-fi breaks.
It comes up saying that wi-fi is disabled by rfkill. Now, this is what you get normally before setting the country in raspi-config. However, I've already done that on the 4/3 before swapping the card over. I check wpa_supplicant and, sure enough, the country is set to GB.

I looked up the message and tried to exclude wi-fi from rfkill... but when I reboot it comes back again. Likewise, if I go into raspi-config and try to re-set-up wifi, it doesn't ask me for the country so _that_ doesn't fix the issue either.

Also, this happens "the other way" if I set-up wifi and code on the Zero W and then swap the card to a 3/4 - wifi is disabled by rfkill.

I wouldn't have the first clue how to fix this in the OS, so I guess my question is: Has anyone else had this problem? And, if so, did you come up with a solution to turn wifi back on on the eventual Pi?

Hope someone can help :-)
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