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Most Expensive Screen

Thu May 24, 2012 6:08 pm

Plugged my raspi into a composite screen today... 8-)


A nice built-in 740x480 display with touchscreen (currently non operational on raspi but could be fixed though)

I've just noticed that the screen is running in NTSC mode rather than PAL - I suppose it would look a little clearer in PAL mode.

To see it in action... (as of 5.05pm its still processing in youtube so hang fire a few minutes before clicking) :roll:

In all seriousness I've seen the hardware hack to make the touchscreen component work on a Windows Laptop
so it won't be beyond the wit of man to make it work with a raspi
Steve N – binatone mk4->intellivision->zx81->spectrum->cbm64->cpc6128->520stfm->pc->raspi ?

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