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Raspbian as thin client

Mon May 05, 2014 6:47 pm

BerryTerminal is supposed to be the thin client of choice for use with LTSP. However, I simply cannot get it to work with Edubuntu 14.04 (LTSP installation). I did set up xxdmcp and although there are problems with gnome and Ubuntu desktop managers (menu not displayed) when testing with X or Xnest, I can get LXDE to work from a PC. No luck with BerryTerminal,though. But I did successfully use Raspbian by running X :1 -query The next step was to disable lightdm and put the X statement in rc.local - and there you have it - a LTSP thin client based on Raspbian. What I would really like to do is to introduce it as a "mode" in config.txt, or alternatively create a branch or derivative of Raspbian, but I don't know where to start. if someone can give me some pointers, I would be happy to contribute some code if I can.

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Re: Raspbian as thin client

Tue May 06, 2014 8:24 am

I dont like BerryTerminal, its just a ldm client with some LTSP functionality (auto user login for example). If u want to turn the raspberry in a real LTSP thin client, u will need to use debian on server side and make a ltsp-client-image with the packages provided by the raspbian repositorys. When finished, u end up with a SD card populated with only 30MB of date, the rest is managed on the server side and the client(root file system) will be served via NFS to the raspberry.

Your cmdline.txt will look similar to this:
dwc_otg.lpm_enable=0 console=ttyAMA0,115200 kgdboc=ttyAMA0,115200 init=/sbin/init-ltsp boot=nfs nfsroot=<ltsp_server>:/opt/ltsp/armhf console=tty1 elevator=deadline rootwait

We are deploying some raspberrys for testing purposes in our company right now as full LTSP clients. So far we r very pleased by the perfomance/cost ratio.


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