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Fixed sound in scratch - Used Occidentals .2 image!

Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:51 pm

Just an fyi post for anyone having sound issues with the latest raspbian build. I was having tons of trouble with it working and was getting pretty frustrated. I finally decided to use an older build to see if it helped, but before I got it I downloaded Occidentalis v0.2 from the people over at Adafruit and gave it a shot. Worked perfectly, booted the image and did the standard setup stuff. Once at desktop I opened scratch and was able to add and play sounds with no issues at all, worked perfectly.

I will try it extensively over the next week or so as my daughter is doing a science fair project with a pi and a makey makey, so it is all about inputs and scratch outputting sound. Should be a good test. Anyone needs a link, here it is: ... s-v0-dot-2

Finally, working scratch! I updated the config file to enable us to overclock easily as needed, otherwise I left the stock image alone and did absolutely nothing. 8-)

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