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Re: RetroArch Emulator Frontend

Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:01 pm

alexroc wrote:I just tried it with the imame4all backend and WOW!
It took a LOT of time to compile and I had some problems with the configuration but It was definitely worth it!
It still has some bugs (I cant seem to get any sound) but I had Metal Slug 2 at 50-60 FPS and Street Hoop at fullspeed 8-)

Great work Toad I think this is the best mame emu so far :D
I know this kinda old post. Can someone teach me how to play street hoop in raspberry pi. I try many emus such as MAME, FBA and NEO-GEO but at the end I always get error when load the ROM

I also have the Bios up to date... It's driving me crazy

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