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Launch another partition OS straight from raspbian desktop

Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:48 am

As the title say, is there any way to reboot straight to another partition with a simple icon on my desktop? my knowledge on linux is limited so maybe im barking at the wrong tree, i actually put my limited google-fu power on action but i ended with 2 possible solution, none of them working/useable:

- ... dd-on.html
This one needs one of the media distros, kodi inside debian do not work (also MAYBE it needs NOOBS, im using PINN, but they are kinda the same iirc)

This dude have a pre formed image where you get 4 systems and them all linked with the ability to boot to each other from a simple icon on the "desktop" on each one, but i have 3 problems with this approach 1- the systems are severelly outdated, more than a year off, when you update em the "links" are lost or i have no exact idea of how to re create em 2- i have no idea what that guy have installed on those systems, feels risky 3- about 2 gigs on the SD card are wasted because of how NOOBS handles the 4 images on the SD

As i said im kinda noob and/or missing the elephant in the room sort of speaking, i dont need the solution spoonfed either, with a pointer in the right direction i can keep google-fu-ing on my own.

To be really specific of what i want to do:
pinn (or noobs) with 2 partitions, Raspbian and Retropie, on Raspbian have an icon (direct access, script, watever) calling a reboot directly loading retropie, and on retropie an icon (probably on ports?) to call a reboot direct to Raspbian...

Thanks in advance.

PS: i think i can do something with this: ... -partition
but my scripting skills are super mega basic and its super late over here, thanks for watching and any help is appreciated...

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Re: Launch another partition OS straight from raspbian desktop

Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:38 pm

Another day, fresh ideas, and stronger google-fu-ing, i got this:
but apparently its not working, i get a bash error about the file not existing in the folder

PS: that lead me to:
and from that and using

sudo fdisk -l

and some more google-fu-ing i found that i need to use the small partition on each pair of OSes, basically both pinn and noobs use the 3 first partitons, then in my case i have 2 pairs of 50ish megs partition+main partition, you need to use

sudo reboot 6

where the number is the number of the SMALL partition of each pair, i guess that we run that one because there is loaded the firmware on our rpi3s...

finally i found my own solution after hours of diging, learned a bit more and hopefully helped someone else in the process, sorry for taking forum space with this, thanks and good luck

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