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Setting up RP3 to remotely load files onto it from a wifi access point (Windows based PC)

Fri Mar 30, 2018 11:33 pm

Hello all,

I'll give you guys a basic rundown on what i'm trying to accomplish and please be patient with me as i am very new to raspberry Pis. I do however understand some of the basic functions, so i should be able to follow along.

What we'll be doing is setting the Pi up to a monitor that is in a sealed location, and will not have an active network connection. This Pi will basically play a slideshow of pictures all day long, but will need to be able to have these pictures updated quite frequently.

What i'll end up doing is taking a wifi access point down to the unit and connecting to the point with a windows laptop and the PI unit. the Pi unit will have it's own dedicated wireless/bluetooth mouse/keyboard setup.

From there, i'd like to be able to transfer pictures to the Pi unit from the Windows laptop and then go back to the Pi and change the slideshow settings. I'll be doing this on two Pi computers from one windows laptop.

Here are some of my main questions:

-What flavor of Linux will work best in this situation?
-what applications should i use that will work both on linux and windows?
-password protected file sharing (is a plus)?
-Any known wireless keyboard/mouse combos that anyone could suggest and are easily compatible with the Pi?
-Any clean slideshow software for linux that anyone could suggest?
-If the wireless keyboard combo is a bluetooth unit how easily will the Pi pick it up? (remember this unit will be sealed away, and i don't want to dig it out when i could've just spent the extra money to get a wireless keyboard for the unit)

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Re: Setting up RP3 to remotely load files onto it from a wifi access point (Windows based PC)

Sat Mar 31, 2018 5:29 am

-a- start with RASPBIAN desktop OS
burn that with etcher to a SD card
should enable ssh ( by file trick ) and VNC ( by putty shh sudo raspi-config ) so no keyboard mouse required @RPI

-b- install samba server ( with a path like /home/pi/Desktop/share what you can write by windows PC / windows explorer / network )
see here
there you drop the ( new) picture files you want to show / delete old ones ( you see, no app required on windows / only RPI need install samba)

-c- in a RASPBIAN desktop terminal
adjust [preferences][ slide show interval] xx seconds
close / exit
start again with
gpicview --slideshow /home/pi/Desktop/share/
( check the timing ) close with [ctrl][c]

to start in fullscreen mode is little bit tricky:
add at the end ( before the last 2 lines ) what i marked with #KLL ... #/KLL
nano /home/pi/.config/openbox/lxde-pi-rc.xml
<!-- #KLL -->
<application name="gpicview">
<!-- #/KLL -->


you can reboot or
openbox --reconfigure
now gpicview start allways in fullscreen ( small with [esc] )

-d- then try to learn about auto start that slideshow after boot
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Re: Setting up RP3 to remotely load files onto it from a wifi access point (Windows based PC)

Sat Mar 31, 2018 9:02 am

By way of another option for the file transfer from windows to the pi instead of samba which can be a pain to get working with the likes of win 8 or 10.


works over ssh using same credentials requires no set up on the pi, can read/write/delete in any directory the pi user has read/write access rights, you can also use it to edit files remotely using the internal editor or notepad++ on the windows pc if you wish.
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