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Help me access Pi connected to ethernet via WISP router.

Sat Mar 30, 2019 3:59 am

I have a main router connected to Internet. To this, Pi was connected over WiFi, through VNC I could connect to it over WiFi, but the speeds I was getting were bad. So I tried adding USB WiFi adapter with external antenna but there was a problem with driver.

I had a router, which I configured to act as a WISP client, this router is connecting to the main router over WiFi. From this 2nd router Raspberry Pi 3B+ is connected via Ethernet, and Pi is getting an IP in the 2nd router's IP range. As this 2nd router is in WISP client mode, it is not broadcasting any WiFi network, so if I want to access Pi now, I either have to connect directly or use it's inbuilt WiFi which is slowing down the speed. Is there a way I can access Pi without having to turn on the inbuilt WiFi?
I have:
Raspberry Pi 3B+ with official power supply
Sandisk Class 10 SD card with Raspbian Stretch full

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