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Start learning with a Script Language?

Fri Jul 23, 2021 7:15 pm

Long story short there are a lot (!) of Open Data in my Country who are change from time to time without notice and without log File. :evil:
So "work" with that Data sucks from time to time since I never know when something change and what change. Maybe some need Data from before just fallen out of Data Set who was in the last Version inside. :geek: There are also for each City, District and the hole Country Data who have the similar Topic but who are "broadcast" in many different Style. For example the current Temp (yes we are use the Metric System): 10C, 10,50C,

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00:00 1C
01:00 1C
12:00 25C
13:00 26C
So I thought the best way to deal with that is "equalize" the Data and put them into a local DB an when the circle is over upload it to me upcoming Homepage. Well there should be later some kind of Service who see, check if something in the Data change like new City or a City dissapear from the List.
Is there some beginner Guide for that? Sorry I am honnest I dont care if a LED is blinking or not. I am more interested in Open Data harvesting since we pay them with our Tax Money and get something in return.

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Re: Start learning with a Script Language?

Sun Jul 25, 2021 9:51 am

Not really a beginners thing but have a look at the free “ Talend Open Studio” for data mapping various inputs to a common database. For myself, I would do it with Perl scripts.

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