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Re: STICKY: Pictorial Buying Guide for the Raspberry Pi

Wed Oct 02, 2019 8:09 pm

Hopefully my comments aren't too stoopid. I'm new to the Pi but not to computers. As a pi-noob there seems to be a few options for the display, HDMI, plug-on small LCD display and the A/V connector. What's a little confusing is what data they send out as in, are they just different ways of displaying the same data? So if I go round the options, HDMI will show the same screen data as the plug-on LCD as the A/V? Or are they three different screens as if they're on their own port address so each can be configured to show different data?
I appreciate the screen resolutions will change, for example my HDMI res is 1600x something, but if I put on a 480x380 LCD I then do I have to switch exclusivly to that display? (switching off the HDMI) What's the A/V resolution, or does that depend upon the type of TV it connects with.

And then I notice the "Raspberry Pi Touch Display" and that tiny "display" connector on the edge of the B3+ so there's another option, perhaps. A bit confusing. :D

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Re: STICKY: Pictorial Buying Guide for the Raspberry Pi

Tue Oct 22, 2019 7:59 pm

I too am a nooby, and I have a Pi4 with 4 gb.

As for the HDM1, the Pi will automatically set the correct resolution as the HDM1 sends to the Pi data about itself upon bootup.
I have used both a standard 1900 monitor and also a 4K monitor and both work fine when booting, except the 4K is almost unusable becaes the icons are so small at 4k and I have not figured out how to make them bigger.

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