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RPi 3B. Bangalore, India

Sat May 08, 2021 9:53 am

Hi. I'd like to sell my Raspberry Pi. Anyone in Bangalore is welcome to get in touch. I don't think it'd be practical to ship it anywhere else in India. Lockdown is in effect, so meeting after the lockdown is also ok, but do mention your intent to purchase as early as you can.
Original Raspberry Pi 3 with 1GB RAM for Rs.2900 (price slightly negotiable).
Compulsory extras you'd have to buy from me when purchasing the RPi board (because it's hard for me to sell them individually)
Original RPi. Adapter: Rs. 500
Original RPi. Casing: 150

Optional extras:
16GB Sandisk SD card: 250 (Raspbian OS pre-installed).
Pack of unused resistors and 10 multicolor LED's: Rs.50.
Unused Breadboard and unused male-male and male-female jumper wires: Rs.250.
HDMI-DVI cable (24+1 pins): Rs. 300
HDMI-HDMI cable: Rs. 100
M306 USB microphone (Sensitivity: -67dBV/pBar, -47dBV/Pascal. Freq. response: 100-16kHz): Rs.300.
Targus wireless mouse (with wireless dongle but batteries not included): Rs.300.
PS2 to USB connector for old Keyboards and mouse which does not have a USB connector: Rs.120.

Why I'm selling:
I bought it to learn a bit of electronics and try some projects, but circumstances required that I dedicate time to learning software, and I couldn't reserve time for electronics.

Advantage for you:
I can show it working (shops or online purchases don't show it working before you purchase). Ports, WiFi, Bluetooth already checked by me.
Raspbian OS already installed in the SD card (people usually charge extra for this. I'm giving it free).
All original parts.
Cheaper than what's available online.
Can avoid multiple trips to shops.
I can give some basic advice.
You can use the RPi as a secondary/backup computer if you have a spare monitor and keyboard.

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