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RPi4 as Linsar TV front end [EPG/remote control/bluetooth headphone pairing]

Fri May 29, 2020 10:15 pm

I'm going to try this either way - the basic premise is that it will be one of the sources [e.g. HDMI2] so everything else the tv, top box and soundbar does will remain the same as other source options/connectivity the way they are now.
The question is about the use of the RPi4 in much the same way as XBMC/Kodi provides an interface, although in this case it is so that the bluetooth can be used as the tv doesn't have it - I bought a bluetooth transmitter and it will not pair, so I'm looking at options.

The headphones I'm using are the Viddon F1, the transmitter is a BT500 [otherwise unbranded] that the headphone manufacturer have reassured me will pair since I wrote to enquire when it was unsuccessful - I tried more than once since however, no luck so far.

The RPi4 setup is so I can use tv in the same way but as the RPi4 source for accessing the usual content, with CEC remote function, but the benefit of an actual keyboard when I want internet services - and much better access and ease of interface than the tv serves up [for which the remote numberpad is the keyboard :( ].

Just to say I hope this will go smoothly - but would appreciate any pointers...

[I'd originally posted on, ... nt-1530776 but was directed here - I guess Projects>Graphics, sound and multimedia is the right topic...
I have a Linsar tv, it boasts ‘open source’, but it & the respective community is lacking as far as I can see. It also has no Bluetooth connectivity.
What I’m looking into after getting a BT500 transmitter that wouldn’t couple with the headphones I want to use, is a complete swap out option of the tv interface, to use the RPi4 as the connected source [e.g. HDMI2] with the supplied tv remote and pair the headphones with it.
I know there are media centre front ends and that it’s possible to get tv listings – an EPG – and if so, that selecting the channel to watch from it shouldn’t prove impossible and ideally then also use the RPi:headphone bluetooth.
There’s also a top box, a Humax, which also has open source development potential – and while I’d like to use this in conjunction, there’s the issue of e.g. Ch4 walking away from the on demand deal resulting in unavailable content that can only be accessed through the tv.

Any pointers?

Please advise
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