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Pi0, Single web page Kiosk. Which lightweight browser?

Thu Jun 23, 2022 11:19 am

Hello all,
As the title really i have a Pi0 (rev1.2), Pi OS Lite (32bit). Running chromium in kiosk mode within X11 and a window wrapper. No need for HID inputs. Just display a Java webpage on a 1080p screen.

As suggested here https://reelyactive.github.io/diy/pi-kiosk/ ... I have installed the following but feel it could do the same without a >2.25 load average...

xserver-xorg (--no-install-recommends)
xinit (--no-install-recommends)
x11-server-utils (--no-install-recommends)
chromium browser

Most of the load seems to be coming from chromium (56 Chromium lines in HTOP, the upper 9 lines are cpu load between 0.6% and 33.3%)

Is there a lighter weight way of doing this using as little resource as possible?

I understand it may be a little bit of a golden egg with it being a first gen Pi0.

I also know that whilst its not throttling (CPU temp is around 50*C) and a >2.0 LA may not be doing any real damage it just feels messy and a little load heavy. if at all possible id like to clean it up.

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Re: Pi0, Single web page Kiosk. Which lightweight browser?

Fri Jun 24, 2022 9:16 am

in addition to this heres my script file

Code: Select all

xset -dpms     # disable DPMS (Energy Star) features.
xset s off     # disable screen saver
xset s noblank # don't blank the video device
matchbox-window-manager -use_titlebar no &
unclutter &    # hide X mouse cursor unless mouse activated

#chromium-browser --display=:0 --kiosk --incognito --window-position=0,0
midori -e Fullscreen -a
#kweb -KHCUA+-zbhrqfpoklgtjneduwxyavcsmi#?!.,
Chromium works fine albeit with a 2.5+ load average,

Midori works fine LA of 1.7 ish. need to figure out the argument for removing the window around the web page though

Kweb i cannot get to load properly at all every time i try, it drops into CLI which is kind of infuriating. reading through the manual it doesnt appear to be particularly well documented for the options. C and U arent listed and ill be damned if i know what "+-zbhrqfpoklgtjneduwxyavcsmi#?!." does as i cant find any reference to it (http://steinerdatenbank.de/software/kweb_manual.pdf)

its progress... i guess...

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Re: Pi0, Single web page Kiosk. Which lightweight browser?

Fri Jun 24, 2022 11:16 am

Java or Javascript?
What HTML standard does the Java/Javscript webpage need?
Can you do the webpage without Java/JS?

There are some older lighter browsers that only do up to HTML4 not HTML5.
You might even be able to use a HTML viewer not browser.

Linux/X11/Chromium is a lot to use for a single webpage.
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Re: Pi0, Single web page Kiosk. Which lightweight browser?

Fri Jun 24, 2022 12:33 pm

Kiosk browser session manager based on the surf browser

Provide an X11 session manager script that launches a minimal window
manager and then opens an entry web page via the surf web browser in
kiosk mode. The web page can be consumed "read-only" or in interactive

In combination with the nodm display manager you can provide an
easy-to-setup html'ish display screen or a web terminal.

If URL/domain filtering is needed, combine surf-display with a local
instance of tinyproxy.

After a configurable idle time, the browser session is fully
reset and started anew.
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Re: Pi0, Single web page Kiosk. Which lightweight browser?

Fri Jul 01, 2022 4:46 pm

I am wondering do you even need a full blown Pi for serving Kiosk? A Pico with an Ethernet module ($7) with an OLED should render a nice interface.
Since this is a web page, there's an at least more powerful web server somewhere. Can the web server receive commands through JSON in simple GET/POST polls?
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