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Re: The Red Reactor Battery Power Supply

Sat Nov 26, 2022 12:25 pm

First we want to thank all our Kickstarter backers for their contribution to the huge success of our campaign, which has exceeded all our expectations.

We’ve had fantastic feedback from you, and we were excited to have been able to answer your questions including home automation, supporting Node-RED, configuring Ubuntu OS, and create 3D models for your custom case projects.

We are now getting ready for production of the units pledged through the Kickstarter campaign, and our priority is the testing and delivery to our Kickstarter backers. But as part of this order we will have more units, more custom Pogo-pins and potentially other related items for sale in the new year.

If you would like to take advantage of our pre-order pricing, please add your name to our pre-order list by heading over to . No commitments till we're ready to ship, then we'll contact you. It's first come, first served!

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Re: The Red Reactor Battery Power Supply

Wed Nov 30, 2022 8:17 am

This looks neat. Maybe you can consider a follow-on product that is intended as a portable p/s (glorified power bank) rather than just a UPS. It could be powered from hot swappable power banks, hmm, maybe the red reactor can already do that ;). Other thing is I'd want to use it for a pi 400 (powered from USB-C port) rather than a pi 4, Zero,etc. I'll check your site to figure out whether that is feasible. My hope had been to power both the pi 400 and an external HDMI monitor from the same p/s, but it occurs to me, only the pi really benefits from uninterrupted power. If the monitor power goes out during a power bank swap, it is no big deal.

Added: Yeah it would be nice to have a next version (same product with some tweaks) with USB input and output, to power a pi 400 among other things. It might also benefit from some firmware mods to deal with being powered from a power bank. There could also be a follow-on product that would have a lot more battery capacity, like 8x 18650 instead of 2x, that could fast charge from USB PD.

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