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Pi 3B+ Bullseye ProjectM

Fri Feb 03, 2023 3:25 pm

Hi there,
I am a Pi-Grandpa-Forum-Newbee and I am struggling to get "a" mediaplayer working with ProjectM Visualisation.
I tried Clementine and VLC and found that both do not support ProjectM, despite some posts still say so.
Currently I am following the qmmp idea as this one allegedly too supports ProjectM.
An install via GUI Add/Remove software installs qmmp but i don't see ProjectM anywhere, neither an option to install Addons additional packages.
I have downloaded "qmmp-2.1.2.tar.bz2"
from: https://qmmp.ylsoftware.com/downloads.php

as this (again allegedly) contains ProjectM along with qmmp

However: I miserably fail to understand how to install qmmp from this download.

Any adviced / guidance on this how2 to proceed would be much appreciated.

Alternatively I read that ProjectM might be available as a stand alone version ...
... which one needs to "build and cmake" or a pulseaudio-ProjectM version may be available.

But I will also accept a this is a: NO-GO, there is no way for ProjectM on a Pi
(just to keep from following much more pointless nirvana pathes)

best regards :|

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