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Wifi is dying

Mon Mar 27, 2023 7:51 pm

Hello everybody,

I wanted to add some functionality to my "Blinds control" on Raspis, which is working fine for years and I thought this might be a good reason to fully update the whole stuff. I took a spare Model B Rev 2 and a spare mini SD card, burned an Bullseye OS Lite 32 Bit image on the card by Pi Imager v1.7.2 and tried to start. I've changed /etc/dhcpcd.conf and gave the pi
a static IP address for interface wlan0 and pointed static routers and static domain_name_servers to my FritzBox 7490. I should add, that the box acts as Mesh Master and there are two reapeaters connected by wire to the box. I want to prepare the SD cards on the spare Pi on my desk and then plug them into the Pis in the house.

Wifi range was never a problem in the last years. One of the Pis, amazingly the one that sits directly beneath the Fritz.box, sometimes lost his connection to the box and needed reboot. That wasn't important as the pi itself ran without problems without wifi (standalone). In fact that was only detected by chance. And it was done with one Power-off-and-on. The other two Pis worked fine. All Pis are A or B with no wifi builtin but with wifi-dongles.

With the new bullseye image and newly burned by Imager my Pis loose their wifi every now and then. The one on my desk, which is connected with keyboard and monitor, looks alive on screen, accepts commands, but after eg 30 minutes disappears from wifi with no message. Simply no longer connetced. Strangely it shows up in the Fritzbox, but can't reach the box by ping and can't be pinged itself. ifconfig looks fine. It takes some(!) reboots of both the Pi and the Fritzbox to reestablish the connection after some time. I'm wondering, if the field Pis originating from the spare PI interfere with each other due to some config taken from the spare Pi. But the MAC-addresses shown in the fritzbox are correct.

Maybe another hint: When they are gone, a ping to the lost machines doesn't come back, it simply hangs.

How can I dig into that problem. Which logs should I investigate, what should I test.

Every hint appreciated,
Regards, FM

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Re: Wifi is dying

Sun Apr 02, 2023 1:23 pm

Additional: On the third of those installations, no wifi connect is possible in terms of ping or ssh. The pi itself shows up with correct IP address and mac address in fritz.boxes network overview as connected.
Even the event list of the fritz.box says, the device has been registered?
Looks totally correct in the fritz.box but is not ping-able. (No firewall active at that time, to be more precise: FW is on default ACCEPT for all chanels)
No ideas?
Thanks and regards, FM

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