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Pi3b - Bet Media Centre in 2023

Wed May 24, 2023 4:31 pm

I'm new to using a pi as a media centre. My goal is to use a pi 3b to play MP3's and more often, stream music through Spotify or internet radio stations. I will have a 5" raspberry pi touchscreen connected to it and will either be using a bluetooth speaker or speakers attached to a decent quality amplifier. (I was planning to use the 3.5mm jack rather than attempting to set it up via GIPOs)

Ideally I would like to be able to have the option to control volume, media etc. via my phone either with an app or possibly a webpage/via my home network, (I have no need to manage it when I'm not at home or connected to the router at home.

I know very little and only really aware of Kodi and Volumio and thought It would be a good idea to ask the question on the forum. I have minimal knowledge of programming etc and therefore need a simple solution which can output high quality audio. As its a Pi3b it is unlikely that I am going to want to play videos.

I'd love to know what the users of the forum have used or think would be best.

(The pi3b will only have the media centre OS installed as i have little to no need for a desktop OS (as I'm writing this from my Pi4b with Raspbian :) )

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