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Pi Whatsapp (ab)use

Sun May 28, 2023 5:46 pm

Hi there
I am an elderly pi newbee - grandpa if you wish
My daughter installed Whatsapp on the pi for me ...
Since I neither carry the Android phone, nor the pi with me messages go unnoticed.
I was dreaming to have the pi to signal me new Whatsapp messages by turning on a LED

It took me several days to figure out how to load Whatsapp at boot ...
(on the Pi, but it goes to the tray, hence new messages remain unnoticed)

I managed to have the Android to mail me a message at ****@gmai.com whenever a message is received by Whatsapp...

Which is at least something.

Now I would be dreaming to use this email to trigger sn GPIo connected LED to be turned on when new messages are received.

So far I used Thunderbird as email client but this seams to be a dead end in terms of triggering an action.

Any hint on how to proceed further would be appreciated


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Re: Pi Whatsapp (ab)use

Thu Jun 08, 2023 10:16 am

Thanks for the reply,
I am still studying the posted linked page - and it sounds / looks promising.
In the meantime I found a bypass solution (my programming abilities are very outdated, hence I am afraid to touch the WhatsApp API)
which I would want to let you know about.
WhatsApp is running on a) an Android & b) a Pi
on a) I installed a tool, called "MacroDroid"
this one will send an email to a dedicated email account, exclusively received on b) the Pi / Thunderbird
{you can set various different Trigger, - new WhatsApp message - amongst others}

Now the b) Pi / Thunderbird will show new messages received (even so - since headless - otherwise deaf / silent)

For Thunderbird exists an IFTTT Module (I am still investigating / testing) but this should open a wide field of possible actions.

But: I am planning to build an analog Message received indicator / counter ...
... and am currently getting together the required hardware.

best regards

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