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Question: Pi 4: Case/setup for bathroom audio installation (humidity resitant etc.) ?

Mon May 29, 2023 3:05 pm

Hi guys,

i'm currently using a Pi 4 with PiCorePlayer as an audio-streamer in my living room. Wouldn't call it functioning "perfectly" but it works most of times... good enough. So now, my plan is to feed the bluetooth speaker in my bathroom via line-in with a similar box. The speaker held up with the humidity quite well for some years now, and the sound source upgrade (compared to bluetooth) has already proven worthy, it's an Aiwa Exos 9 - great blaster! With the Aiwa, i was already a bit concerned regaring humidity, but being a "portable" Bluetooth speaker that can be used outdoors, i hoped it to be a bit restistant - and it is. So now, i want to add a Pi 4 and a USB DAC-dongle, and the worries start again. The speaker and outlet are about 2m away from the shower. There is no need for splash-protection, but humidity sure is a thing. My first idea was to use something like this for power:
And just a normal "rugged" case like this:
... but then, all the unused ports (LAN, USB etc.) are open (for humidity) and i'm generally unsure about using USB-connectors (A, C..) and cables in this environment.
The question would be, if i definitely need something like this or not
or this https://openh.io/rubicon/
.. and what to do about the power source/outlet situation. And maybe i'm overthinking it a bit, since there are already my washing machine + dryer, toothbrush, beard trimmer etc. in use for years - but on the other hand, these devices are made for bathrooms, raspi not so much.
-> how would you approach this project? Keep in mind, it's indoors, so at least the temperatures shouldn't be an issue, imo not even in a waterproof case. Also, the humidity should vansih relatively fast after showering, i also have an air exhaust. But i'm one of those people to shower for a loooong time with temperatures to cook myself, especially in the winter...
Thank you for the feedback!
Kind regards

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