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Do I need OpenMediaVault to run Nextcloud?

Mon Sep 18, 2023 10:01 pm

Hi Folks,

So, this is a first time post. Please do forgive me if I break any conventions or say anything stupid... :-/

I've got a Pi4 8gb and an Argon EON Case which I'm aiming to turn into a little home server to run Nextcloud, PiHole and a Jellyfin server.

My aim was to do this via OMV and OMV's Docker orchestrator to run all my containers. My thinking was I might benefit from the NAS features in OMV somehow down the line.

The Question
So after a few evenings of struggling with OMV I'm wondering: do I even need Open Media Vault to run Nextcloud? Is there a benefit to doing so e.g. mapping users in OMV to users in Nextcloud etc.)? Or can I run everything on Pi OS Lite, then running run Docker with Portainer to run everything and have containers address other drives as mounted?

Thanks in advance for comments, I really appreciate it! :-)

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Re: Do I need OpenMediaVault to run Nextcloud?

Wed Sep 20, 2023 2:50 am

There's no point in running open media vault if you don't understand it. They can run separately, but the point of using OMV together with NextCloud is because OMV makes it easier to set things up.

Try learning about OMV and how to use it. When you get it, then do the same with NextCloud. Then go back and try to put them together if that is what you want to do.

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