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No audio from Pi 3B+

Sat Dec 09, 2023 7:30 pm

speaker-test -c 2 -D hw:0,0 Plays static in both ears of the headphones but all other attempts to play audio files fail.

sudo raspi-config audio settings does not recognize them when plugged into the 3.5mm audio jack
They do show up when doing apply -l

dtparam=audio=on is present in config.txt

Most solutions online are not helpful.

This is my first project, so my understanding is very limited.

Any help is appreciated since audio is the main focus of the project

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Re: No audio from Pi 3B+

Sat Dec 09, 2023 8:31 pm

Do you know which version of the operating system you are using e.g Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) Bookworm or Bullseye or something else?

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