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RPi5 and Sense hat v2 I2C time out

Mon Feb 05, 2024 3:56 pm


I have recently bought a brand new Raspberry Pi 5 and a Sense hat v2 to start teaching myself and my kids how to program in python thanks to fun projects!

I am able to use the hat after a few issues. It was working out of the box and then updated the OS and had to reactivate I2C and insert a dtoverlay line into a config file.

The issue I am facing is the hat crash and stops responding when sending certain command thanks to the Python API to the LED matrix. For example after sending a sense.clear(rgb) with certain RGB colours code like [159,0,255] it crashes OK with “basic” RGB colour code [255, 0, 0] or [0,255, 0] or [0,0,255]. The only solution is a power off and unplug the power adapter.

I have tried the code example published on like the Colour cycle or Rainbow python code.

I don’t know how to further troubleshoot this issue and if it could be hardware related?
The only thing I have not yet tested is I am not using the official usb-c power adapter but a 65W laptop one.

Thank you for your help!

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